Embedded Banking

Embedded Banking is where FinWise helps non-Financial businesses, i.e. fintechs, offer financial products to consumers and businesses.

We offer lending services today and are adding BIN sponsorship payments.

Embedded Banking Model

Let's rethink what
banking means.

FinWise Bank is stepping forward to advance the future of financial technology. We support Fintech brands that share our vision for equity, innovation, and inclusion at every level of financial decision making. From one person's online purchase to thousands of small business loans that support our economy, we're generating non-traditional solutions that give greater financial access to those who needs it most.

We help fintech
brands disrupt the old
banking model

When a Strategic Platform works with FinWise Bank, it receives the benefit of our comprehensive technologies, banking experience, and our best-in-class approach to compliance, allowing them to help more people nationwide.


Innovation brings better experiences.

Traditional lending is a slow, outdated process; potential borrowers have to go into a branch, apply for a loan on paper forms, and wait forever for an underwriting decision. So, we decided to change it. By partnering with fintech lending platforms, we streamline how loans are generated for their borrowers and deliver a far better experience for everyone.

  • Rapid funding usually within 1-2 business days for qualified borrowers*
  • Better accessibility
  • Less confusionĀ 
  • More flexibility
  • Business and compliance support

Fintech brands use technology to provide access to millions of Americans across the country with a volume that is infinitely scalable, using online and mobile applications that bring simplicity and speed into the hands of potential borrowers.

We work with various platforms - from startups specializing in consumer lending to well- established commercial lending platforms.

Compliance oversight and
risk management-first culture

We guide each Strategic Platform through a rigorous process to make sure it complies with applicable local, state and federal banking regulations, including consumer protection laws and excellent customer experience standards.

Every step of the way, FinWise Bank will mentor and consult potential new prodcusts and platforms all the way to the finish line.